Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Truth

The good?
Today we went to our weekly playgroup and the hostess did something incredible for us. She made her home a food free zone, excepting a small amount of time during which she set out snacks. Snacks were limited to the kitchen and the menu included apples and pears (among other things), both safe foods for G. After snack time, she vacuumed and had the kids wash hands and faces, making the whole house once again food safe for G. Really? R-E-E-E-A-L-L-Y? Really. Imagine a house full to the brim of raucous three year olds and a smattering of younger kids from 14 months old on down to just a few weeks old - that's enough work as it is... So this was.... amazing. This was certainly a change for all the little ones(they usually snack non-stop on Tuesday mornings) and not easy for the moms either, but they all did it without a gripe. They did it for Ginny so she could crawl around just like everyone else. She got to snack like everyone else (and LOVED gnawing on an apple slice). When the hostess let me know that she intended to do this, I cried. I'm crying again as I type. We have gotten together with this group of moms and kiddos since Ellie was 8 months old (about 2.5 years ago) and I cannot begin to express what an incredible blessing they've been in our lives or how much this effort meant to me. Hooray Momfia! Long live the Momfia!

More good? Ginny got quinoa this morning, and so did Ellie. They both loved it. Ginny wasn't so interested in quinoa on a spoon, but quinoa on her tray (and on her hands and face and in her hair) as a 'finger food' was a big hit.

The bad?
About an hour after eating (and covering herself and her seat and the floor in) quinoa, Ginny got the 'urp-y' hiccups. They were... liquid-y(?) and they made me very nervous. Although G was in great spirits for most of the morning, the afternoon brought more gas than I realized was possible for such a little child to pass and this evening brought an explosive, mucous-filled diaper. Wow, it's been WAY too long since I talked about poop. I think you've all let your guard down and wham! Here it is again.

The Ugly Truth?
I'm a nervous wreck. We may not end up in the ER tonight, but I doubt I'll sleep much and my hand will shake as I feed G quinoa again in the morning. The hiccups, the gas and the icky diaper are all bad signs. I am afraid. I'm not hopeful that this is going to end well. John said he's hopeful. I'll let him change the next diaper and see if it changes his mind.

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  1. I shouldve read this before I posted on your FB, didn't know about the mucous diaper....still hoping and praying it is from extra fiber!! Keep us updated, ok? Thinking and praying for you and G.