Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A day without food trials

Days without food trials are like... extra sunny days with a cool breeze and an ice cream cone. No worries. No measuring. No bag ready to head to the ER just in case. Today is like that, despite the overcast skies. Today, Ginny can just eat her safe foods and enjoy them and I can just feed her and enjoy watching her eat.

And speaking of eating, THE nicest thing happened to us the other day. We had a play date with friends (I'm talkin' 'bout YOU Tina) and the mom brought along freeze dried pears she had purchased at Costco as a snack for her kids. She said, "Ginny can still have pears, right? I thought she might be able to eat these." No added ANYTHING. Just freeze dried pears. So Ginny could eat them - and did. She snacked right along with the other kids. Ginny might not notice the difference yet, but I sure do and this - her getting to be just like the other kids- had me choked up. Furthermore, that my friend thought of this, knew what Ginny could eat, it was just so nice and thoughtful. Makes me choked up again thinking of it. There is so much I took for granted before that I just don't anymore. I have wonderful friends. Oh, and this might just get me to go out and purchase a Costco membership :)

We never made it to day 12 with the spinach trial, but called it safe around day nine. The thing is, we bought a big 'ol container of spinach and it steamed/pureed down to 11 teaspoons. So, when we got to feeding her 2 teaspoons of spinach at a time, it was like giving a 9 month old a pretty decent sized spinach salad. What 9 month old needs a spinach salad every day? So, now she gets a bit of it at a time (for the nutritional value) and when we have more foods, it will be great to add in for flavor and extra nutrients.

What next? I don't know. Although lots of kids do, Ellie didn't have meat until after she was a year old so I'm thinking of holding off on the lamb. Maybe quinoa? Maybe a pit fruit? Those are supposed to be pretty safe. Or maybe the white potatoes I was planning on initially. Partly, I'm thinking of changing our plan because of the patch test results. If soy was, in the end, a/the big reactor (that spot is STILL red and rough), perhaps it's just soy? Maybe rice (and maybe other grains) will be safe for Ginny. Maybe. Maybe not. I know that John thinks we should just avoid all potential major triggers. But I'd like to consider trying eggs.... again, maybe after Ginny is one.

Tomorrow we head to see Wonder Woman for a ten month check up (or a way-behind-schedule-nine-month-check-up). I'm very anxious to see where G lands in her growth percentiles. Surely, if we could just measure her based on the size of her feet, she'd be off the charts! So, for now, happy eating. If you don't have one yet, go get yourself a mesh feeder. Ginny sure seems to like it :)

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  1. I'm thinking about trying white potatoes next.
    I'd really stay away from rice. I shuddered reading that thinking about Kara's rice reactions and her most recent pear reaction though. Her triggers are a mix of common and uncommon now with the pears. I wish there was SOME sort of pattern!