Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Apple a Day Doesn't Land us in the ER

We started the apple trial on Monday, (pathetic start though it was) which means that we're now on day four and I have nothing to tell you - or at least nothing all that exciting.

G got the raw apple bits in the mesh feeder on Monday, about two teaspoons on Tuesday, about an ounce on Wednesday and another ounce this morning. I guess I've gotten pretty aggressive with the food trials. I'm not a patient person, am I? But nothing, absolutely nothing has changed. Well... you can see the difference in her diapers, but not a bad difference. No blood. No mucous. So I'm hoping. I'm crossing my fingers and arms and toes and wishing on stars and avoiding walking under ladders and PRAYING that apples will be safe too. I still feel very lucky. I still fear that our luck will run out soon.

Of course, this makes me wonder too... another safe food? Should it be so easy? If Ginny REALLY has FPIES shouldn't this be harder? Then again, plenty of FPIES kids have only one trigger. Plenty of FPIES kids have no problems at all with fruit, but plenty of issues with legumes and/or poultry and/or grains and/or dairy and/or soy. Plenty of FPIES kids we 'know' have been in the hospital over the past few weeks with worried parents by their sides just working to get nourishment into their children so we know we need to take this seriously. I will NEVER forget how Genevieve looked as we rushed to the ER so I know we need to take this seriously. And we are taking this seriously. And we count our blessings daily.

But.... that doesn't mean I can't whine a bit, right? I stood in the baby food aisle at Babies R Us today - I just went in to buy diapers and wipes because I got AWESOME coupons in the mail - and I nearly cried. My throat got tight and I fought back tears. Ridiculous. I KNOW it is ridiculous and I should be counting my blessings, but it was so much fun to buy food for Ellie. We bought all sorts of organic puffs and freeze dried fruits and cooked up all sorts of tasty baby and toddler foods in our kitchen at home and, pretty much, G can still have nothing. I almost cried over all the food I couldn't buy. (Making it worse is the fact that I recently learned that citric acid is often derived from soy. Citric acid is in freaking everything. ) I read and re-read labels and ingredients hoping for SOMETHING. I found nothing. I almost cried standing there thinking that G won't get a first birthday cake to mash her fingers into. Will she know that? No. Couldn't I make her a cute and crafty non-food cake? Yes. Will she care? No. But I feel the loss for her. My heart breaks just a little bit nearly every day. We went to a birthday party at a friend's house Tuesday morning and I simply, eventually, sadly came to the conclusion that, despite how much it pissed off Ginny to not be able to crawl around, no matter how much she protested and arched her back, I wasn't going to be able to set her down. The friend is an immaculate house keeper but three year olds just weren't following her lead. That's the way the cookie crumbles I guess ...

So an apple a day hasn't landed us in the ER just yet and I'm not calling it a pass just yet, but we're close. So close.

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