Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day of Firsts

Time is marching on - and we're finally marching again too. Today was day one of Ginny's apple trial. No more delays. We will not be dissuaded from moving forward by fear of food any longer. (But to clarify, Ginny near most food still terrifies me.) So, day one of the apple trial. To be honest, we kinda half-assed it. Yes, I just swore in my blog. Is anyone reading for whom this is problematic? (Is anyone reading this at all?) Didn't think so. The thing is, we really meant to officially start the trial for apples just like we had done for the pears and spinach. John bought three bags of apples (Yes, John went to the grocery store. No, it doesn't often happen. Yes, it rocked! No, I have no idea why he bought three bags of apples. Yes, if she fails apples you're all invited over for home made apple sauce so we can get rid of it all!) and they were just waiting for us to make them into a sweet, saucy puree. But... it was a busy weekend. The kids were wiped. We were wiped. Every moment had been packed and it got late before we knew it. John decided he would try to make a puree from uncooked apples with the skin on. Yes, I told him it wouldn't work. No, it didn't work. Yes, we tasted it and it was pretty foul. To peel and cut and cook and portion... we didn't have it in us.

So, how did we half-ass it? I just gave Ginny two little chunks in her mesh feeder this morning (at about 9:30 a.m.)and let her have at it. No measuring. She was a little irritated to be honest. When she gets pears this way they're ripe and soft and easy to mush. The apples were a little more challenging. She worked and worked and had some success and... so far, so good. Tonight though, we're on the ball. As of 9:58 p.m. we have one tray of apples nearly ready to come out of the oven and another waiting to go in. We'll have more applesauce than we know what to do with in no time.

Ginny wasn't the only one moving forward today though. Ellie had her first day of preschool. Hooray! I am both shocked and proud that I did not cry. Ellie didn't cry either. My little social butterfly was more than up for the task! She had a minor meltdown before leaving home when she started to desperately repeat, "But I don't know how to do preschool." None the less, she did preschool just fine. As far as we can tell, a game of duck duck goose and the snack were her favorite parts.

And just because they're so cute... here are some pictures of the girls....

Ellie on her first day of preschool. I picked out the outfit and she, of course, picked out the shoes.

Ginny wearing a princess skirt and eating a princess wand.


  1. Yay Ellie! And Yay Princess Genivieve :)

    For the record...I think you should swear more...but that's just my opinion :)

  2. I love it! You cheer me up in this muddy FPIES world Jamie! :) Thank you and keep up the posting (no pressure or anything!) :)