Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wheat Day 3

Wheat is... so far, so good. Ginny seems to love the noodles and has had no reaction thus far. No reaction, but about 1.5-2 hours after eating the noodles she gets a crazy phlegm-y cough that sounds like a pre-puking cough and makes my heart skip a few beats and often has me running down to her, phone in hand, ready to call John or 911 or both... and, thus far, all I've found is a coughing, but still sleeping, kiddo. So we continue to wait and feed her noodles.

That's not a very exciting update, is it? Not so much. So.... just to entertain you, I'll share other Ginny news. Besides waiting to find out if wheat is safe, we've been waiting and waiting for her to talk more. She was great with "Mmmm Hmm!" for yes and "Uh uh" for no. She said "Hi" and waved to everyone she passed (even people in cars we pass on the street). She could happily screech for 'Melmo' (Elmo) and regularly picked up tiny bits of crud off the floor, handed them to us and said something very close to, "Here you go!" She pointed to things and demanded things without words but beyond that, not so much. Tuesday, however, was a pretty incredible day. On Tuesday Ginny, apparently, decided to talk. A lot. All in one day she said: Ellie, pleeeeeeeeeease (mimicking Ellie as she begged for more snacks), Eyes (pointing them out on her dolly), Hi Daddy (on the PHONE!), Bye-bye (to everyone and everything and doors she closed and to her lunch as I took away the leftover bits and and and), belly button (as she begged me to tickle it), cheeeese (in celebration of getting some with her lunch), and go-go-go (repeating what I think I say to both girls a million times a day when they're moving at daddy's pace). And if that wasn't enough, she then decided to learn to use the door handle.

It seems that, in life, we spend a lot of time waiting and then, in a moment's notice, all you've been waiting for is history on you're on to the next anticipated event and reminiscing about how things used to be. I know I've said it before and every parent must say it - and people warn you of it even as you hold your days old newborn in your arms, but wow.... time really flies by. Kids grow up so fast. I think tomorrow Ellie will be getting her drivers license and Ginny will be heading out on her first date. I better charge up my camera to record all these moments in a concrete way because, it my mind, it's just a blur.

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