Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wheat, Day 1

I meant to give Ginny a whole wheat/wheat only noodle with her breakfast. I meant to. Really. But I just couldn't. I was a wreck. It was ridiculous. I felt sweaty and nauseous and no, I'm not pregnant. I just couldn't do it, so I waited until lunchtime and gave Ginny two noodles. She ate them so fast that I actually spent time looking around in her chair and on the floor, thinking she must have dumped them out somewhere. She didn't. She ate them. Right now, she's napping. Right now, she's fine. I'm hoping that she stays that way. I don't know why, but this trial is making me a wreck and, so far, she's only had 2 noodles on day one.

Maybe it's all the drama of this past weekend.... it was just plain icky. Starting Thursday Ginny was passing some really suspicious poop. (I was on a poop-talk hiatus for so long and it seems to have come back with a vengeance, hasn't it? Is this my third post in a row where I've talked about poop?!) It was black and resembled potting soil. The last time I saw poop like this it was passed by the late, great Buddy dog who, one week later, died due to massive, unexplainable, internal bleeding. Yeah, of course I freaked out when I saw this in Ginny's diaper. (Black poop usually means blood from somewhere in the upper GI that has oxidized and turned black as it passed through.) Who swooped in to save the day? Wonder Woman, of course (i.e. our pediatrician for those of you newcomers). She will never cease to amaze me with her willingness to help us. She calmed us down and came in to her (closed) office from the hospital at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning to do a hemoccult test for us - actually, LOTS of hemoccult tests, just to be sure. Apparently, since the stool wasn't 'fresh' we could have false negatives, but since all poop returned to normal by Sunday night, we're sleeping a bit easier. Weird poop makes me worry.

John's soon-to-be-one-hundred-and-one year old Grandma also made me worry this weekend. She took (another) spill and spent the weekend in the hospital. She's fine and in the capable care of John's parents but still... Grandma Fern makes me worry.

I also had my car broken into this weekend. There was nothing to steal but baby wipes and a stroller, so nothing was stolen, but we did have to get our window replaced. Maybe this would make other people worry about their neighborhood or their safety but we live in the city and it's bound to happen. This didn't make me worry, it made me mad.

So, in summary, worried, wheat, worried, worried and mad. But Ginny just woke up from her nap and that makes me happy. Ellie should be up soon too. Time for some snacks and some dancing. How can that fail to improve anyone's mood?! Go get yourself a snack and turn on some music for dancing. Ginny's already smiling and bouncing to the beat. I've got to join in....

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  1. I'm on pins and needles about your wheat trial. I hope everything's going well!!