Saturday, March 26, 2011

Going Kosher

We're going Kosher. That's right. Kosher. And not just for Passover either. Hooray for Passover! Hooray for Kosher Foods!

Okay, so we're not all really going Kosher, but I had some pretty big breakthroughs at the grocery store today with Kosher foods and I'm not yet over my excitement. To be honest, I was so excited (am still so excited) that I think it's irritating John. Sorry honey :)

How did it all happen you ask? OF COURSE I'm going to tell you! Don't I ramble on about everything? Yes, I do. I know. It's okay. Roll your eyes. Done now?
Okay, so... we went grocery shopping as a whole family this afternoon. That doesn't often happen. I always go with a list based on the meal plan I have for the week and don't often stray from that list however, when I walked in and saw the displays, a light bulb went on in my sometimes dim head. I remembered that, somewhere on the Baby Center FPIES board, a long time ago, a mom mentioned how she usually stocked up on certain foods around Passover because many Kosher foods, with their limited ingredients, were safe for her kiddo. (I will need to track down this mom and thank her from the bottom of my soy-free, corn-free, oat-free heart. Haven't I said a million times that FPIES moms are geniuses? GENIUS!) I am so glad I had a bulb left in my head capable of lighting up. I sent John off with the girls and a mini list to keep them occupied and I shopped the huge Passover display. I was giddy. If potatoes or coconut were safe foods for us, our options would have been overwhelming, however, I scored whole wheat matzah, wheat cereal (like cream of wheat - which I have looked for repeatedly but was unable to find sans additives additives additives) and chocolate chips. HOORAY!

And the best part? We live in a wonderfully diverse city, so our grocery store has a pretty decent sized Kosher section year round. These foods won't be an annual treat for G. And if I can't find them at our regular grocery store, it shouldn't be too hard to track them down at some smaller, specialty stores. Hooray! So, for dinner Ginny thoroughly enjoyed matzah spread with mashed avocado. Perhaps not one's average passover combo, but G loved it. LOVE LOVE LOVED it!


And Avocado. Yummm.......

Besides these foods, we've made a little bit of progress with others lately too. I found Ginny-safe spelt pretzels, shredded wheat cereal and started a trial of mandarin oranges; which G is enjoying thoroughly (but which John was a bit miffed about because I neglected to tell him about the trial prior to starting it. Oops.). I haven't trialed cocoa yet, so the chocolate chips are on hold for a bit still, but they're in my pantry now, just waiting to be a delicious treat on a special day.

Wow. I really thought I'd get over this little buzz of excitement by blogging about it, but I'm not quite there yet. I love to add new foods to G's rotation for her nutrition, for some excitement and to bring us a step closer to feeling normal. I'm freaking psyched about Kosher foods. L'chaim!

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  1. This is truly genius!!! And now I'm dying to go to the grocery store!!