Friday, August 13, 2010

Our First Food Trial: Pears, Day 10 (I've gone hog wild!)

So I write every day and you complain. I don't write every day and you complain. I just can't win! Okay, no one really complained but I was feeling the weight of your expectations on my shoulders. Really, I was.

So... We're on day 10 of pears. We were serious and precise about 1/4 of a teaspoon for three consecutive days. We were mostly seriously and mostly precise about 1/2 of a teaspoon for three more days. We were excited and not as precise about 1 teaspoon for two and a half days and then last night, we just went hog wild. Ginny had her 1 teaspoon of pears for breakfast and, at dinner time, when she started fussing because we were eating and she wasn't (She pitched a FIT each time we finished feeding her and it made me SO sad), I jumped up from the table, excitedly grabbed my newest purchase and went for it. I bought one of those little mesh feeders and used it to give her a chunk of frozen pear puree to chew on. I was psyched! Let her eat pears! Alas... she didn't. She didn't like the little feeder - at least not this time. She did eat the pears eventually though - defrosted and served to her on a spoon - and she was so happy. So. Very. Happy. Just to get to eat something when she demanded it. Made me happy too :)

I know it's only day ten, but I'm going to call this a pass. Hooray! Ginny has her first safe food! We have monitored every facet of her well being in a nearly obsessive, compulsive manner and have seen little that's even worth mentioning, so I think it's a safe thing to do. No rash. No diaper rash. No reflux. No gas. Best of all? I think that her sleep has actually improved. Last night she slept from 8 p.m. until 2:45 a.m. (waking once at 11:45 p.m. but easily soothed back to sleep by Dad) and then again until 6:30 this morning. A-MAZ-ING. You're waiting for it, aren't you? You want to know about her poop? Well, she's eating pears and breast milk. What do you think it looks like? (For those of you not obsessed with these things, think of it this way: pears work like prunes). As a matter of fact on Tuesday, while at a restaurant with friends, she had a poop-splosion that was a challenge for even three seasoned moms to clean up (Thanks Eleanor and Kim for gettin' my back!). But... poop-splosions happen and, since it didn't keep G from smiling, I'm not worried.

So what now? Well... I'm heading to the grocery store soon to buy pears. More and more and more pears to bake and puree and freeze and feed feed feed to my Little G. And, while I'm there, I think I'll be buying some organic spinach as well. I'm not quite sure just how I'll feed this to her (or what day we'll start that), but I'll figure that out ASAP and John and I will do a big batch of food this weekend. Having this first food as a pass has left me feeling very optimistic for a change. Can you tell? Progress, even just the smallest step, is still progress - and I'm thrilled to finally have some progress. Now I'm hoping for momentum too!

And, of course, on Monday we'll see Boy Wonder to start the patch testing for eggs, milk and soy. I'm sure you'll hear more from me after that...

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  1. My son hated the mesh feeder things. I was so pumped for it and he was NOT interested. My son is older, but our trials are only 7 days. And maybe I'm a bit "brave"...but I give him as much as he wants with the first feeding. It's never given us trouble yet. If the reaction comes sooner, so be it. If it's a fail, it's gonna come regardless.