Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our 2nd Food Trial: Spinach, Day 3 (WITH PICTURES!)

There isn't much to say. Spinach, day 3. 1/2 teaspoon in - and all over her face and hands - followed by an ice cube in her mesh feeder so I can stay at the table and get Ellie to finish eating too. One happy mom. Two happy girls. Oh, and some pictures....

Ginny's patches - can you see the M, E and S for milk, eggs and soy?

Yes, Ginny LOVES spinach!

Just because... I'm sharing this picture of my Eloise. Friends gave her this WONDERFUL hand-me-down princess bike. We got it all tightened up, added training wheels and she is in absolute HEAVEN. She is a great rider - a little too fearless for my taste- and, of course, loves to wear the oh-so-stylish helmet she picked out herself. Crazy little fashionista. No, she probably doesn't NEED a helmet just yet. Yes, she saw it in the store, HAD to have it and wore it until going to bed that night.

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