Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ginny Ginny bo-binny-banana-fanna-fo-finny


Today we started bananas. I allowed G one minuscule bite from my banana as we sat down for breakfast. She wasn't sure at first but ended up thoughtfully mushing it around in her mouth and swallowing without much protest. I'm going to go slow with this one no matter how much G protests or demands more (i.e screams like crazy). Bananas are a more 'iffy' food. So far, so good.

And the millet... well that's a pass for sure. If G even sees the millet puffs (or mullet balls, as a friend calls them), she will refuse all other food. She loves to pick them up one by one. She loves to eat them. She loves to use her hands to mush them flat. She loves to feed them to everyone who gets close enough. This is a successful food for fine motor skills, G's belly and for Ellie - who loves to share this snack with her sister. Yay for mullet balls! ... umm... I mean millet puffs :)

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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts, Jamie. You are doing a terrific job with all of this...so glad things continue to go well. You are in my prayers. BTW, did Strawberry Shortcake and her good friend Miss Raspberry Torte return from their big adventure!? ;) Love you!!