Thursday, July 22, 2010

First, a Disclaimer

So now I'm blogging. Bloggety blog blog blog. But before I really get going, some disclaimers:
  • I make no claims of professionalism or perfect grammar. I know of at least two friends whose fingers will be itching to grab their red correction pens as they read this. Yes Nidhi and Courtney, I mean you. I use too many commas and I use them in the wrong places. I use '...' and '-' all the time in inappropriate places and don't plan to stop doing it anytime soon.
  • I think I'm funny. If you don't, stop reading. Now. Hmm... I see you're still reading....
  • I am not speaking for anyone else. Not even John. I didn't even tell him I intended to blog until after I posted this. Oops.
  • I'm blogging for two reasons: First, so I don't have to call a million people and update them regularly on Ginny's status. Yes, I mean you. No, it doesn't mean I don't love you or that we won't talk on the phone anymore. Really. Take a deep breath and get over it. Wow, doesn't it feel better to let go of that anxiety? Second, I'm blogging just in case our story and the info posted here will help other parents struggling through this with their little ones. The waters of FPIES are murky, hard to navigate and incredibly frustrating. I have relied heavily on other parents for FPIES info and this is a way to start paying it forward.
  • I intend to ramble, ruminate and make fun of all sorts of people, places and things.
  • I won't mention anyone by name except the members of my own immediate family (and the two women noted in the first bullet point. Oops.). I don't intend to talk about you anyway so don't worry.
  • Our FPIES journey began in May 2010. Today is July 22, 2010. There is a lot of history to share. I plan to post our story chronologically as time allows, and will eventually get this all up to date. Hold your horses. I'm sure I'll keep you on the edge of your seat!
  • I am not a medical expert. FPIES isn't fully understood by the professionals, much less by me. If you're looking for FPIES information, I hope that our story is helpful only by comparison.

Just felt I should let you know.


  1. Does our entire family suffer from some sort of food allergy!?!?

    Good luck! Britt and I will subscribe (do you have it set up to do that?) to the blog and stay up-to-date!

  2. Hmm... Danny, are there lots of food allergies in our family? I'm not sure I knew that. I'd love to know more about who has what. Hope you're both doing well :)